Aster Home (2 Users Only, Ms Windows 7/8/10/11, 1-Year License, Non Expandable)


  • The ASTER Home license allows the creation of only 2 workstations. The ASTER Home license is a subscription for up to one year, that is, after one year of use, you need to buy a new license. Please note that the Home license only supports 2 workstations, it cannot be extended to a larger number of workstations, from version 2.28 you can format the machine and it can also be deactivated and transferred to the other computer.● Each user is able to load a custom desktop;
    ● It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions;
    ● It is able to automatically adjust power supply and
    operating system loading settings;
    ● Allows the monitor to turn off and enter sleep mode;
    ● It has a 14-day trial period;
    ● It is possible to transfer licenses to another computer;
    ● When creating the workstations, individual video cards can be assigned with all their monitors. So each workplace can use a separate graphics card;
    ● Sound cards can also be assigned to workplaces or can be common to the set of stations;
    ● Workstations can be set up so that when the computer is turned on, the system will be logged in with specific user credentials;
    ● If the computer is connected to a domain, you can configure automatic login to this domain;
    ● It is possible to assign different IP addresses to workstations;
    ● Aster Home is available for download and licenses emailed.An affordable price and lower equipment purchase expenses. In addition to its cheap price, ASTER also
    makes it possible to save money on equipment purchases.Low noise level . All workstations except the main one are free of the noisiest component,
    namely the system block, which is significant for libraries where extraneous noise can distract readers from their
    document work.

    Less space . As there is really only one complete computer, the system takes up much less space, which
    allows you to make more efficient use of your facilities.

    No need for a local network between stations : All stations work from the same PC. Internet and peripheral devices (printers, scanners and others) are automatically shared to all workstations.

    Electricity saving. It is no secret that it is the system unit that consumes most of the
    power supplied to the computer system. Using ASTER, you can reduce energy consumption.

    Considering the above, ASTER can be highly recommended for your residence.

    Minimum hardware requirements for 2 stations
    – Processor: Core i3 from 3rd generation
    – RAM: 8GB
    – Video card: GT210

    This software version only works on Windows 7 SP1 or newer versions! To run the program on Windows 7 SP1 you must have Windows update KB3033929.


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